DC Klinieken Lairesse

Pay attention! Check whether you have an appointment with this center or DC Klinieken Amsterdam.

Address & route

Valeriusplein 11
1075 BG Amsterdam


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Treatments and waiting times


Consultation hour allergology


Consultation hour dermatology
Consultation hour phlebology

Gastrointestinal tests

Colonoscopy intake
Gastroscopy intake


Consultation hour neurology

Pain management

Consultation hour pain management

Opening hours

Day From Till
Monday 7:30h 16:30h*
Tuesday 7:30h 16:30h
Wednesday 7:30h 16:30h
Thursday 7:30h 16:30h
Friday 7:30h 16:30h
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

*Monday evening consultation at 7.30 pm HIV Treatment Center



The center is only accessible for emergencies after office hours. This only concerns emergencies following a visit to the center.


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