Gastrointestinal tests

What are gastrointestinal tests?

There are different types of gastrointestinal tests, which aim to detect conditions and diseases like inflammations, ulcers, bleeding and growths in the digestive system.

Gastrointestinal tests in a nutshell

  • You can come to DC Klinieken for a colonoscopy, a gastroscopy or the screening programme for colorectal cancer.
  • A gastroenterologist specialises in all conditions of the digestive system, from blockages to pancreatic cancer.
  • All gastrointestinal tests at DC Klinieken fall under basic insurance.

Gastrointestinal tests at DC Klinieken

At DC Klinieken you can get the following tests:



DC Klinieken is also certified to perform the screening programme for bowel cancer.


Our gastroenterology department falls under the general specialism of gastroenterology-hepatology, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, but at DC Klinieken we do not perform liver testing. This is why the department here is called gastroenterology.


At DC Klinieken you can undergo intestinal and sometimes stomach tests under intravenous sedation, which increases your comfort during the procedure. This is why our centres have day treatment facilities where you can quietly recover from a procedure.


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Insurance coverage

All gastrointestinal tests at DC Klinieken fall under basic insurance. This means that they are fully covered by your health insurer if you have a referral from your GP or specialist. Do not forget to take your deductible into account.

Practical information


You will need a referral to make an appointment for gastroenterology.  

Making an appointment

Do you want to make an appointment for a gastroenterology consultation? You can do this via the website or by telephone. Important: you will first need a referral from your GP or specialist.   You can call us at the following times:  
Day From Till
Monday 8:00h 20:00h
Tuesday 8:00h 20:00h
Wednesday 8:00h 20:00h
Thursday 8:00h 20:00h
Friday 8:00h 18:00h
Saturday 9:00h 13:00h
Sunday Closed Closed
  Do you have to cancel unexpectedly? You must cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours in advance. If you miss the appointment or cancel too late, you will be charged.  


  • Do I need a referral from my general practitioner?

    You will need a referral from your GP or attending physician for all treatments within the basic insurance before you can make an appointment with us. This referral is required in order for the costs to be reimbursed by your healthcare insurer. Under the tab ‘Practical information’ (Praktische informatie) on each examination page you can check whether you will need a referral.

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  • What does ‘compulsory excess’ mean for my situation?

    Do you choose a treatment with us that is covered by the basic insurance? In that case there is a compulsory excess. In 2020 you will have a standard excess of €385 if you are 18 years of age or older. You have to settle this amount with your health insurer. All healthcare institutions have a compulsory excess; this does not only apply to DC Klinieken.

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  • What happens if DC Klinieken does not have a contract with my healthcare insurer?

    We have contracts with all health care insurers, but not all health care has been contracted. In most cases your health care will still be reimbursed. We do work with a ‘compensation scheme’. What does that mean? You submit our invoice to your healthcare insurer. You will then only pay us the amount that you get reimbursed.

    You may also choose to sign an authorisation (‘deed of assignment’). With this authorisation we will take care of the financial aspects. We will then submit the invoice to your health care insurer and they will pay us.

    An MRI scan is not covered by the compensation scheme. We have made specific arrangements with the health care insurers for MRI scans.

    Are you insured with Menzis and attending the DC Klinieken for pain relief? In that case, this care is not covered by the compensation scheme. Depending on your policy, Menzis reimburses 60% to 80% of the current market rates. You will have to pay the difference yourself. Menzis stipulates the rate. Please contact Menzis for more information regarding these rates.

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  • What happens in case my treatment is not reimbursed?

    In some cases you will have to (partially) pay the costs for a treatment yourself. This depends on your healthcare insurer and your policy. Please see the costs of your treatment on the page Overview of rates.

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  • Where can I find more information?

    Do you still have questions about the costs of care in DC Klinieken or reimbursements from your healthcare insurer? If so, please contact us by 088 0100 936 (accounts and collection department). We will be happy to help you.

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  • Which treatments have conditions attached?

    Some care, such as plastic surgery, will be reimbursed by your health insurer in case of a ‘medical indication’. This means that there has to be a medical necessity to undergo this treatment. Are you unsure whether this applies to your situation? Please read your healthcare insurance policy or contact us.

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  • Will my treatment at the DC Klinieken be reimbursed?

    DC Klinieken has contracts with all healthcare insurers for 2020. This means that all treatments within the basic insurance will be reimbursed. However, do bear in mind your excess. There are also treatments that might be reimbursed by your supplementary insurance. Read your supplementary policy to find out whether this is the case.

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Your appointment

You can also make an appointment by phone. Please call our Service- and Information Center via 088 0100 900.

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