HIV care is one of our specialities

What is HIV?

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a human virus that breaks down the immune system. The virus penetrates the white blood cells, which form part of your immune system and help combat infections.

Through these white blood cells, HIV can reproduce rapidly and ultimately even destroy the blood cells. This lowers your resistance, making you more susceptible to other viruses and bacteria. If you are not treated, HIV can be life-threatening. With good medication, HIV is treatable.

HIV is a virus that is transmitted through the mucous membranes, sperm and blood:

  • through unsafe sex (oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex)
  • by sharing injection needles
  • from mother to child (pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding)
  • through infected blood (transfusion)

Why have a HIV treatment centre?

The HIV treatment centre has its own vision on HIV care. People with HIV can nowadays live long and healthy lives. With expert and committed nurses and internists, you create a treatment that suits you.

We look further than just HIV. That is why we like to talk openly about all aspects of life associated with growing old healthily. Thanks to our unique collaboration with Amsterdam UMC, GPs and other partners, we can offer broad support.

We offer as much care as possible under one roof. The HIV treatment centre has its own laboratory where blood can be sampled. You will also find integrated care here for HIV-related conditions, like hepatitis or AIN. There is also a pharmacy in the building.

Foto van het hiv-zorg team op het HIV behandelcentrum in Amsterdam

Waiting times

Examinations and treatments

At the HIV treatment centre, prevention, testing and treatment are offered.

You can make an appointment with us for PrEP medication, a HIV rapid test and HIV treatment. Are you a HIV patient at DC Clinics? You can also turn to them for other care concerning hepatitis, vaccinations and AIN. You can make an appointment anonymously for an STD test.


PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP is a prophylaxis measure to protect you against HIV infection. Experience has shown that PrEP use reduces the anxiety about HIV and positively affects the experience of sexuality. The HIV treatment centre feels that PrEP use requires careful medical supervision.


The HIV treatment centre has various vaccines available. Some are particularly recommended for people with HIV. We discuss during the consultations which vaccinations are needed and can administer the vaccinations if needed and desired.


STD test

The HIV treatment centre offers integrated HIV/STD care. You can always be tested for STDs, even if you do not have any symptoms. That can be done during a normal consultation, or you can turn to us between appointments. If you are diagnosed with an STD, we can prescribe medicines for it. Even people who are not registered as a patient with us can come for an STD test (anonymously if desired).

HIV rapid test

At the HIV treatment centre, you can take a free HIV rapid test (anonymously if desired) immediately. When making an appointment, your first name and telephone number are sufficient. The entire study, with preparation and follow-up consultations, takes about half an hour in total. Upon request, you can have a paper printout of the result.


HIV treatment

HIV cannot be cured, but it can be treated. With a successful medical treatment, your life expectancy is good. Our HIV treatment centre offers a HIV treatment that fits in your daily life. We also offer supervision for a healthy and happy life with HIV.


Hepatitis is a very contagious virus that you can catch during unsafe sex. There is no treatment for hepatitis A, that infection resolves itself. Hepatitis B and C must be treated, though. Without treatment these forms lead to severe liver failure and even hepatic cancer.


AIN means a change in the mucous membrane in and around the anus. Abnormal cells in the mucous membrane can be a precursor to anal cancer. AIN can disappear spontaneously, but the chance of that happening is probably less for HIV-positive people. At the HIV treatment centre, the AIN diagnosis is made and the treatment administered.


Growing older healthily with HIV can mean occasionally being referred to another doctor. This can be in addition to the treatment. The HIV treatment centre therefore works closely with other caregivers. With these partnerships, the HIV treatment can be harmonised better with the other treatments.


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