STD test is a treatment and is part of specialism hiv care

What is an STD?

A sexually transmitted disease or STD is a bacterial or viral infection transmitted through sex. People who practise unsafe sex and/or have multiple partners are at risk of an STD. STDs are not always associated with symptoms or complaints. This means that you can have an STD without noticing it.

The most common bacterial STDs are chlamydia and gonorrhoea. They can be identified with a swab taken from the throat, urine, anus and vagina.

Syphilis and STDs that are transmitted by a virus like HIV and hepatitis are confirmed by a blood test.

STD test and treatment

As STDs are transmitted through unsafe sexual contact just like HIV, it is advisable to test regularly for STDs during HIV treatment. You can have an STD without showing symptoms. For this reason, it is important to test regularly. Most STDs can be treated easily, but there can be severe consequences if you do not treat them promptly.

Taking an STD test

Making an appointment

Make an appointment (anonymously if desired) by calling +31 (0)88 0100 944. You will be registered under the details that you give, but they will not be checked through the BSN (PID). The caregiver does not have direct contact with the GP or another specialist.

There is no waiting list for STD testing. You do need to make an appointment, though. If you are not a HIV patient with us, you can request an STD test anonymously.

Type of test

During the appointment we examine together which tests are required, depending on the question and any symptoms.


After the tests we discuss how we shall inform you of the outcomes: by telephone or email. We shall also see whether a follow-up appointment is desirable or necessary. If it is, we schedule one.

The STD care after a positive STD test follows the applicable standards.


Anonymous STD care at DC Klinieken falls under uninsured care. This means that you must pay for the consultation and the examinations yourself. The cost depends on the examinations and treatments to be done. The HIV rapid test is always free.