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AIN (Anal intraepithelial neoplasia) is a change in the mucous membrane in and around the anus. Agitated cells in this mucous membrane can be the predecessor of anal cancer. AIN can disappear on its own, but in people who are hiv positive, the chance of this is probably smaller. AIN is caused by HPV. The transmission of HPV is very easy through physical (sexual) contact, but also through fingers or towels.


AIN at the Hiv Treatment Centre Amsterdam

At the Hiv Treatment Centre we can diagnose AIN as well as perform treatment. We make the diagnosis using High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA). This is a strong microscope that makes it possible to trace anomalous cells on a micro-level. Through this, we can detect the pre-stages of anal cancer and anal cancer itself in an early stage. If we see anomalous areas, we will take tissue samples to be able to make a diagnosis. If there are indeed anomalous cells, treatment will start. After the treatment, you will have follow-ups with your normal internist or nurse. You can also be vaccinated against HPV at the Hiv Treatment Centre.


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AIN (Information in Dutch)


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